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  • All About CPAP

    CPAP therapy can dramatically improve the way you feel, even if you’ve snored or struggled to sleep well for years.


    CPAP therapy is considered to be the gold standard for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). A machine connected to lightweight mask provides continuous pressure to keep your airway open and allow you to breathe and sleep comfortably.


    A partner, friend or family member is often the first to notice the warning signs. If someone you know snores regularly and/or has any of the following symptoms, they may suffer from OSA:

    • daytime sleepiness
    • loud or disruptive snoring
    • gasping and choking during sleep
    • longer than normal breathing pauses
    • waking suddenly
    • frequent night time urination

    OSA has serious health consequences and can be life-threatening.


    It causes sleep and oxygen deprivation and, if left untreated, may contribute to high blood pressure and increased risk of stroke, heart disease and heart attack.


    CPAP therapy can give you more energy, lower your blood pressure and reduce the risk of serious health problems. Regular CPAP use will improve your overall quality of life.


    We are happy to answer all your questions and along with your physician find a solution that works for you. We stock a full range of machines, masks and accessories from the major manufacturers.


    Successful CPAP therapy can be life changing but it takes time to get it right. Let our friendly and experienced staff help you make the right choices.

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